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A. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP shall be $30.00 annually. This is restricted to one person/one vote, and entitles the individual to full membership privileges. Individual Memberships received after July 1st shall be $15.
B. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP shall be $35.00 annually, plus an additional $10.00 for each youth, if desired, It entitles all rights and privileges of the Florida Quarter Horse Assoc. to family members, with one person designated as the voting member. Family Memberships received after July 1st shall be $17.50.
C. LIFE MEMBERSHIP shall be a one-time fee of $200.00. It is restricted to one person, and entitles full membership privileges.
D. YOUTH MEMBERSHIP in the Florida Quarter Horse Youth Assoc. shall be an additional $10.00 annually, and is only valid in conjunction with an Individual,  Family or Life Membership.
Florida Quarter Horse Association Membership Application
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